So proud of Amanda’s hard work & incredible results!
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  • In two months she lost 20 pounds, 7.5 inches, and her size 8 shorts were a little bit loose!
  • Over just 6 short months with Trinity Training’s Nutrition Coaching & Personal Training - a total of 33 pounds gone, 17.5 inches shredded, & 3 pant sizes dropped!

Amanda journey

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In her own words…

Where She Began

“Over the past five years I’ve felt very uncomfortable in my own skin and gained a total of 40 pounds. I developed poor dietary habits, which included late night munching, as well as eating fast food, sweets, meal replacement bars, and microwaveable meals. I knew it was time to make a change. I started going to group fitness classes and noticed that I was feeling more energetic and less stressed. However, I was not seeing the results I hoped for in the mirror or on the scale.”

Making the Decision

“That’s when I decided to talk to Andrea and learn more about nutrition coaching. Andrea passion, energy, enthusiasm and talent always motivated me to push myself harder during her Zumba® classes and that motivation is exactly what I needed to begin eating healthier!”

How She Started

“I had my first nutrition coaching session with Andrea on December 6, 2013 and I was relieved when she did not give me a strict meal plan to follow. Instead she provided me with strategies, tips, and tools to guide me through making healthier choices. She also calculated my resting metabolic rate to ensure that I was eating enough calories to fuel my body and see results. This was just the beginning of the guidance she gave me but those small changes went a long way!”

First Results

“I instantly saw the pounds come off! I lost 4 pounds after one week and by Christmas I was 10 pounds lighter. My family and friends were already noticing a difference in my face and body, while I was noticing a difference in my clothes. Everything was starting to feel looser and it was so encouraging to hear such positive comments.

Over the holidays I was able to maintain my new weight thanks to Andrea’s tips for resisting temptation and eating in moderation. I was so happy that all my hard work did not go to waste and I never felt restricted or deprived. It felt good to eat healthy and see these results.”

Continuing Her Journey

“I continued with my nutrition coaching and began adding personal training sessions in January 2014. I was hooked! During my first package of 12 sessions, Andrea tailored a workout program to meet my individual needs, goals, and fitness level because she does not train every client the same. The first workout program was short but very intense and Andrea motivated me to push myself harder than I thought possible.

She helped me make slight adjustments so that I could feel all the benefits of having proper form. I enjoyed working out and powering through my condensed but intense circuits. Andrea definitely made me feel the burn and see the sweat. She showed me that you don’t need to workout for hours at a time to see results. As Andrea says, “train smarter not harder” and that is exactly what I was doing in these sessions.”

Achieving Her Weight Loss Goal

“I was going to Jamaica in February and my goal was to lose 5 more pounds and fit into an old pair of size 8 shorts. Before I went on vacation I was so surprised to see that I had lost another 10 pounds. In two months I had already lost 20 pounds, 7.5 inches, and my size 8 shorts were a little bit loose!

I was able to go through my 15-minute workouts each morning on vacation, while also following Andrea’s tips for surviving the all-inclusive resort. I actually came back home 2 pounds lighter!”

Staying on Track & Maintenance

“After my vacation I was ready for another 12 personal training sessions. This program focused on strength training and building muscle. Andrea showed me many new exercises and arranged my workouts to target specific muscle groups. This change kept my workouts challenging and interesting. All of my hard work paid off because at the end of April I was down another 13 pounds!

I have since then been able to maintain my weight because eating healthy and exercising regularly has become my new normal. Exercising has just become a part of my daily routine and it feels good to start off my day with a workout.”

Her Transformation

“Since January 2014, I have lost a total of 33 pounds, 17.5 inches, and 3 pant sizes! I am still noticing so many changes in my body and my goals have shifted from weight loss to toning my muscles. I am now at a weight that I would like to maintain and I know it is possible because of all the help Andrea has given me these past six months.

Aside from numbers on the scale, I have had some personal moments that made me feel proud of my self and really made me reflect on how hard I worked:
- I got rid of so many clothes that are too big now and I can fit into older clothes that used to be too small.
- I fit back into a size 7
- When I was fitted for a dress, I was told I am between a size 2 and 4 dress size”

Her Advice

“People are always surprised when they see me and they are amazed by how much my body has transformed. I would have been lost without Andrea guiding me throughout my workouts and giving me nutrition tips. However, my journey hasn’t ended now that I am maintaining my weight. I still have occasional personal training sessions to follow up with Andrea to be sure that I am always working my hardest so I can continue seeing results. I feel a lot stronger, confident, and motivated to move forward in my personal health and fitness journey.

There is no right time to start eating healthy or work out. Don’t wait for next week, New Year’s, or a special event. Once you stop making excuses like I did and just start making the change you will see all the greatness you can achieve.

When people ask me how I lost weight I say that I changed my diet, I exercise, and I had incredible guidance and support from the greatest trainer! If you are looking for results in a maintainable, customized, and non-restrictive way, then Andrea is the trainer for you! She is such an inspiration and I am so grateful that she was part of my fitness journey.”


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