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Weight Loss

Zumba classes are back, Wednesday nights in Milton!

Spring Mini Session starts May 3!

After having her second baby, Andrea is excited to get back to teaching her Zumba classes - but most of all, see her wonderful participants again!

Post Filming Fit Mama Project (5 weeks, 5 days PP)

May 3 – […]

Celebrating Success! Amanda’s Weight Loss Journey

So proud of Amanda’s hard work & incredible results!
(Check out those arms, wow!)

  • In two months she lost 20 pounds, 7.5 inches, and her size 8 shorts were a little bit loose!
  • Over just 6 short months with Trinity Training’s Nutrition Coaching & Personal […]

49 Simple Ways to Eat Healthier! Superfoods

We recently shared the “49 Days of Superfoods”  in a daily campaign on Facebook. Did you miss it or skip a day? Not to worry!

Here you can find our full listing of all 49 Superfoods, including great tips and easy recipes to try.
(Psst, they are all 100% vegetarian-friendly too!)

Do “30 Day Fitness Challenges” Work?

You’ve probably seem them floating around your various social media accounts like Facebook. A motivating picture featuring a fit and attractive model, with a simple to follow plan of just 1 exercise daily for only 30 days. Maybe a “30 Day Squat Challenge” or a “30 Day Abs Challenge”?

Sounds […]

Core Training Secrets (it’s not just “Abs!”)

For most of the general population, when they hear core they think “abs”.

But the secret is…
A trim waistline is about so much more than just your abs.

When we think of core training, we immediately start imagining a fit celebrity showing off their six-pack while on a jog down […]

Running Tips, for Beginners and Beyond

Running can be a simple, low to no cost way to get in shape and lose weight.

If you’re thinking about heading out for your first run, here are a few things to keep in mind to help you have the best experience.

Think preparation, planning, and safety.


Entertainment or Nature?

Depending on what […]

Yoga to Reduce Stress

Do you ever have those days…?

  • when you have so many tasks on your to-do list,
  • your mind is running at a thousand miles a minute, and
  • it feels like you can’t do anything quick enough to catch up to it?

Did you know? Balance poses can help you focus your scattered mind […]