Getting Ready for Baby

Benefits of Pre Natal Exercise

Prepare yourself both in mind and body, with the personalized attention and support of a Pre and Post Natal Specialist Certified Personal Trainer.

Your In Home Personal Trainer will work with you to:

  • Relieve aches of your growing baby, like your tired lower back, tight hips, heavy chest or other concerns
  • Support increased demand on your body, by strengthening legs, glutes and general lower body
  • Prepare your body to carry and hold baby, by developing upper body strength
  • Help you sleep better and mentally prepare for labour and delivery, incorporating relaxation and stress relieving techniques
  • Give you more energy, through regular appropriate exercise
  • Manage nausea, through nutritional support

Pre Natal Exercise Programs

Your pre natal exercise program will be personally developed to address your individual concerns and limitations. Every session will be adapted as you go to reflect your energy level that day. You will benefit from a safe, effective, and balanced program incorporating any one or all of the following: 

  • Yoga – Relieving aches and pains, building flexibility to help decrease discomfort during labour and delivery
  • Breathing Techniques – Aiding in relaxation and stress relief
  • Resistance Training – Strengthening to prepare for baby’s arrival

Special Considerations

  • You must have doctor’s approval and a completed PAR-Q MedX Pregnancy signed by your doctor prior to first session. Print your form here.
  • Pre Natal packages can be deferred to Post Natal if restricted to bed rest or on doctor’s orders, with proof of recommendation from physician (sessions must be used within 1 year of delivery)

Plan ahead! Post Natal Fitness

You can gradually and safely get back in shape starting as soon as 4 weeks after delivery, with doctor’s approval to become active again. Find more information on Post Natal exercise programs, keep reading below.

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Getting Fit after Baby

As a new mom, your body is again experiencing lots of different changes.

Your Changing Body

  • Your uterus gradually reduces to normal size,
  • The hormone relaxin is diminishing,  and
  • Your breasts are aching as your milk comes in.

You’ve been in a constant state of work for the last 36 to 42 weeks, growing a person – not an easy task! Your body needs time to recover so remember to be kind to yourself.

When Can You Start Exercising?

With your doctor’s permission, post natal exercise can begin as early as 4 week post delivery. If you had a C-section or other complications, it is most likely advised to only begin at 6 weeks post.

Exercising after baby should focus on three main areas:

  1. Cardio for Conditioning and Energy -
    Gradually re-establishing your cardio base, to help build your endurance and keep your energy up for your new busy schedule as a mom!
  2. Upper Body & Core for Support -
    Building muscular endurance and strength in your upper body and core to safely support baby’s growing size.
  3. Lower Body for Endurance and Weight Loss -
    Strengthening the legs, glutes and hips for overall toning and weight loss.

You are unique, and every pregnancy is different. So why should you be doing the same exercises as every one else? You shouldn’t.

Special Considerations for Post Natal Exercise

A personalized workout program will consider your:

  • current body’s constant changes,
  • delivery method (including C-section modifications),
  • any pregnancy complications you may have had
  • overall fitness level and experience,
  • injuries or conditions, and
  • individual goals.

Benefits of Personal Training for Post Natal Fitness

With In Home Personal Training, you will know exactly how and what to do. You can’t afford to be injured when you have a little one depending on you!

By understanding proper form, technique and progressive adaptions you can work smart. Working smart with a certified personal trainer enables you to get 3x better results and 80% faster than on your own.

And as a mom, working out at home means you can keep your little one nearby if they need you (they can nap nearby during your session).

The best strategy and most effective way to get in shape after baby is consistency. Your safest and smartest way to get back to your pre baby body is through a gradually progressive exercise program including cardio, strength, and flexibility.

Consistency is so important to safely and effectively get back in shape. We are such strong believers in the importance of consistency that we only offer Post Natal programming on a regular basis, either 1, 2 or 3x/week. After 6 months, a more flexible program can be discussed.

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