Life has changed!

But you have to take care of you, so you can take care of baby.

Book now! Fit Mama Project online training starts January 8, 2018. Only $119+hst for 12 weeks of support.

You’re short on time, money, energy, and motivation.
But you want to get your body back!


Do you need…

- a support system?
- and a qualified trainer safely guiding you what to do?

- realistic exercises you can squeeze in between feeding, diaper changes, and (hopefully) sleep?

- so you can safely recover while getting back in shape,
- at home on a budget?

Join the Fit Mama Project!

- On your own schedule, no equipment needed, work out with baby!
- Exercises designed specifically for postpartum safety and goals
- Connect with other new moms

What is the Fit Mama Project?

- Quick at-home workouts (4-20 minutes)
- Daily accountability & motivation
- Detailed calendar of workouts
- Simple video demos
- Private online group


- Fast healthy meal ideas & recipe sharing

What it’s not!

This is not an unrealistic boot camp style workout, that ‘promises’ a quick fix at the risk of your post partum health.

It took +/- 40 weeks to grow your baby! We believe in small, safe steps and giving yourself the same time to recover and get your body back! (But it will probably be sooner when you have our support, accountability & guidance!)

What it is?

Exercises and programming designed specifically for the time & sleep-deprived new mom, and her safe postpartum recovery and goals.

It is not a ’30 day challenge’, and here’s why not.

The workouts are designed to be done quickly in your own home, without any equipment. Just “stop-drop-and-workout”!

Different levels/options are provided so everyone can feel comfortable to participate at their own pace, from as early as 6 weeks after baby (with your doctor’s clearance).

The Fit Mama Project is specific for new moms with babies 6 weeks to 12 months old.

PS. We also run the Fit Body Project (FBP), open to anyone and everyone trying to get fit and eat better – a perfect transition once baby turns 1 and mom might be back to work! Here’s a sample of the FBP calendar from a past round!

How does it work?

Full details and videos are provided online for each workout, plus daily workout reminders every night of exactly what to do the next day.


FBP calendar example

Online support is provided through a private exclusive group on Facebook. Invitations to the group will be sent out the week before we get started. 

Take charge of your health, fitness (and life!) – for good! Make your healthy lifestyle a habit, your new normal.

Book now!

This is more than just weight loss.

Change your mindset, change your life!
Results that last.

Here’s what new mom Krista said about the program! She surprised herself with what she was able to achieve - amazing work mama!

“I just want to extend a huge thank you to fellow mommy, Andrea Sandhu, and my Fit Mama Project team. I finished Andrea’s 12 week program last month (December 2017) and was shocked and thrilled at the results. I lost 16 pounds and my measurements changed considerably as you can see below. (The measurements were taken at day 1, 6 weeks in, and at the end of the 12 weeks.)

I eat better, feel better, and stronger than I ever have. A commitment to exercising has always been an issue for me as I don’t like to exercise but this program was totally doable, even for someone like me. 10-15 minutes most days and a decent walk was all that was required. Andrea is a great coach and an even better motivator. I am so pleased with the results and I highly recommend her to anyone who is trying to achieve a health and wellness goal, whether it’s to lose weight, eat better, or just feel better about yourself. You won’t regret getting in touch with her!

Waist – 35 inches, 34 inches, 32.5 inches
Hips – 41.25 inches, 39.5 inches, 37.5 inches
Chest – 37 inches, 35 inches, 34 inches
Arm – 13 inches, 11.5 inches, 11 inches
Thigh – 24 inches, 23 inches, 21.5 inches”

- Krista L (Milton), mom of 2

And another new mom Katie was feeling happy in her own skin again, in a bathing suit!


Limited spots available. 

Commit for 12 weeks, and make your new healthy lifestyle a habit that sticks – be a role model for your children’s future!

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