Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed they showed up everyday for 9:30 in the morning for Youth Fitness Camp, with big smiles and energy ready to go!

What a great week we had with these girls – so much fun! Our In Home Personal Training client Anne Marie wanted to get her daughter Alexa out and active this summer, and what better way to do that than with friends? She asked us about doing a class for them and the planning began for our week-long Youth Fitness Camp!

Youth Fitness Camp Schedule
Day 1 – Boot Camp (teamwork)
Day 2 – Yoga
Day 3 – Cardio Kickboxing
Day 4 – Boot Camp (stations)
Day 5 – Zumba®

Ages 13 to 15, they’d tried some of these exercises in gym class before – but never like this! We were fortunate for the weather to hold out for us everyday, not only getting physically active but also a nice dose of Vitamin D from the sun plus the fresh air. They each had their own favourite day, but Monday’s teamwork Boot Camp and Yoga were the top choices – with Cardio Kickboxing being the most “brutual” they said (although it was a favourite for 1 of them!). All in all, they had a great time and each one took away good memories of their Youth Fitness Camp!

They all did amazing and tried hard! We reminded them of important concepts when it comes to physical fitness like making sure to stretch after the workout, staying hydrated, listening to their bodies to take breaks, keeping moving if their heart rates were elevated and finding the fun in fitness!

After an exhilarating but tiring week for them, they’re already asking about next time – and we can’t wait to come back!

A big thank you to each of the girls – Alexa, Isabella, Annika and Alex – for their energy and willingness to try!
ll our appreciation to Anne Marie for hosting and inviting us.