Amanda journey“Since January 2014, I have lost a total of 33 pounds, 17.5 inches, and 3 pant sizes! I am still noticing so many changes in my body and my goals have shifted from weight loss to toning my muscles. I am now at a weight that I would like to maintain and I know it is possible because of all the help Andrea has given me these past six months.”

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Amanda Conteduca - Milton, Ont., Early Childhood Educator, age 24


“Andrea has been my in home personal trainer for several years. During the initial consultation she captured my fitness and health objectives in a very precise and accurate fashion and customized a progressive adaptive program specifically designed to meet those objectives. She is very knowledgeable in training techniques, and demonstrates this by advancing my program in an assertive but safe fashion, all the while ensuring that I get the most out of sessions. Andrea is extremely observant, adaptive, and continually looks for micro and macro feedback to maximize a specific workout, or to evolve my objectives and improve my overall fitness and health.”
Wayne Boyda - Oakville, Ont., Business Professional & Consultant, age 55


I highly recommend Andrea for your training needs as the dedication and support she will give you is hard to find. Hiring an in home personal trainer is a huge investment but if you are serious about improving your physical and mental well-being it’s an easy decision and beneficial to your health and wellness.  This was my second time hiring a personal trainer in the past year.  I hire a personal trainer to add variety and new challenges to my regular routine.  Having a trainer also helps me de-stress from the busiest months at work and ensures I am using proper form and technique.  My first experience with an in home training company turned out to be what you don’t expect; they were unaccountable – 99% of the time they showed up late.  If my workout is scheduled for a set time I expect the trainer to be on time or at least call me to tell me they are running late.  They did not get my business again. When it came time to research and to find a new trainer, Trinity Training’s website appeared.  A bit more research on my part proved that Andrea’s website was kept up to date, it was professional, she shared client success stories and she was busy on social media.  The reason I mention this is there are many trainer websites out there but some have no content so you don’t even know if they are still in business.   I called Andrea for a consultation and the rest is history….. sad to say we are nearing the end of my four month session as of April 2014 but I am set for fitness success.  Andrea is very dedicated and reliable as a personal trainer and so passionate about her work.  I have never had to contact her to find out if she was showing up on time.  She is consistently accountable.  Andrea’s training style is not “aggressive and in your face” but she does push you to optimize your potential and ensures you are giving 110% at each workout.  She takes notes during your session which proves she cares and is monitoring your progress.  She notes how I was feeling that session, my energy level, breathing, etc.  The other trainer never took a note or even asked how I felt after my last workout! I am now set-up for fitness success on my own until I need new challenges.  I have learned the proper lifting and exercise techniques and have so many workout variations that I won’t get bored for a while.  She also taught me how to stretch, breathe and slow down which my mind and body thanks her for. Thank you Andrea!”
Cheryl MacDonald - Milton, Ont., Corporate Professional, age 46


I realized I’m in the best shape of my life, even more than when I was doing gymnastics when I was younger! And I love it. I got a huge compliment today! When I went to see the specialist (who didn’t know me from a hole in the ground), he came into the room, looked at my arms and said “You’re incredibly fit! What do you do?” I told him I work with a Personal Trainer, and he said “well keep it up! It’s working!” So THANK YOU for pushing me!”
Kim Male - Milton, Ont., Professional & Mom of 2 young boys under 4, age 39


“Andrea is a power packed instructor with the skill to teach what you need to know!”
Jody Wielgosz, Kelowna, British Columbia


I would not hesitate to recommend Andrea for any services she provides. She is an exceptional entrepreneur, infectious motivator and excels in her domain. In April 2009, I fractured my ankle and was practically immobilized for several months, which rendered me physically out of shape and very tentative regarding what exercise programmes were suitable for me. After some research, I contacted Andrea from Trinity Training. From our first meeting, I recognized in Andrea professionalism, good business practices and a warm and respectful individual. Andrea knew exactly when to push me and when to modify exercises to avoid strain on my ankle. Before long I grew stronger, energized and looking forward to our 7:00 a.m. work-outs. Throughout she was reliable, punctual and always pleasant (a lot of fun actually).
Andrea also introduced me to Zumba Gold, my daughter and relatives joined and we had a great time.”
Joanne Sled - Ottawa, Ont,


“I loved your training session yesterday Andrea. You are an excellent instructor – I love your energy! You have taught me a lot – now I need to digest some of that information and practice, practice, practice. Thank you for a memorable day!!!”
Marilyn Millman, Ontario
“I am a regular student of Andrea’s and get to experience the energy and fun she brings to her classes, every Tuesday. Her amazing attitude inspires our class to move, be fit and have fun. I’m so thankful that I get to learn from her.”
Amanda Vicinanzo, Milton


“Andrea is enthusiastic, talented, fun, friendly and inspiring”
Group fitness class participant, Ottawa


“Awesome class!  It was so much better than I anticipated!!”
Course participant, Edmonton, AB


“Andrea makes me happy every lesson! Her positive energy is incredible!”
Google User,


“Thank you, Andrea! You are the best!”
Class participant, Edmonton, AB


“I really like Andrea’s energy. She is positive and has a great way of teaching.”
Course participant, Burlington, ON


“Kudos to you Andrea, you are a fantastic energetic teacher.”
At Diaz,


“I wanted to start off by saying it was refreshing to speak with you the other day. You made it very easy for me to feel comfortable being brutally honest with you despite not actually meeting each other.
You are very professional, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I have found these to be rare qualities in your industry. My biggest struggle has been nutrition and I LOVE that we share a similar philosophy with regards to whole real foods. “
Bill Lawson, age 41 -Behaviour Therapist and Master Trainer, Bark Busters Canada


“I am really liking having your input and checking in. Thanks again for all your support, it’s really helping!”
Pamela - Accountability Coaching™ Client, USA,


“Amazing. I can’t think of a better way to spend 50 bucks a month! I can definitely see myself continuing this a long time”
Bill, age 41,


“Hi Andrea, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed you yesterday [at the Basic Instructors course].You have so much passion, love and vitality for Zumba® fitness and made me, as an older person who wants to pursue the same love as you do, feel totally at home and welcome. I can honestly say that you gave me a great insight and understanding of the roots and what Zumba truly means. (Although I already knew that I love it!). Thanks again.”
Marg Burns, Abbotsford, British Columbia


“Andrea is a fabulous Zumba Instructor! The amount of positivity, encouragement and laughter she brings around with her is truly inspirational!”
Rebecca Wagner, Milton


Andrea art by AnastasiaEvery Tuesday I ask myself, “Should I miss my Zumba class tonight and not walk in the dark when it is so cold and windy?” The answer is always, “Yes! I can miss Zumba, but I absolutely cannot miss Andrea!
Every Tuesday I arrive and I say, “THANK GOD – Andrea is here. She is not only the Queen of dance, Andrea is the Queen of positive energy and the Queen of the Smile! Thank you, Andrea! “
Anastasia Tversky, Milton


“Wow, Wow and again Wow Andrea Sandhu…what a great Master Class, you are AMAZING….and like my friend Marie-Josée, I am in (heart) with you. Hope to see you again soon.”
Loulou Perrier, Gatineau, QC


“Liked you a while ago…I think it was after my first class with you…and now I`ve also liked your fan page – ‘cuz I’m a fan!! I realized after doing Zumba several more times, that you are definitely a leader and in a category all on your own! “
Gina Bello, Milton


“Her enthusiasm is so infectious…. She is a fab trainer and always smiling… Makes the workout more like a party!! I love Zumba® class because of Andrea.”
Kay, Milton


“OMG!!!! Andrea!!! I liked you last year but this time… I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!! You were AMAZEBALLLLLLLLS!!! Please come back soon!!! We had a blast!!! You’re a true star!”
Marie-Josée Boucher, Gatineau QC


“Hi Andrea, I’m sure you get this type of e-mail all the time, but here is one more. I wanted to say THANK YOU for all the fun training on April 21, 2012. You have the energy and the charisma to keep people awake and wanting more after spending one full day in training. Since Saturday I have been sharing with friends and family on how great you were and what an amazing dancer you are. I was like “I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO MOVE LIKE THAT!!!!” …… I will try though ;) I thank you for inspiring me and hope to have the opportunity to meet you again.”
Elsa Sanabria,


“What an awesome workshop. Andrea was just AMAZING! I love Zumba® now more than I did before.”
Course participant, Thunder Bay, ON


“Dear Andrea,I was so impressed with how you delivered the class today.I have seen a lot of presentations in my life and you just nailed it. I have an MBA from Ivey so I am very analytical and critical. I have also been around a lot of successful people and you could eat them for breakfast. I wish you the best success in all your future adventures!”
Tonya Marr-Credico, Thunder Bay, ON


“Hi Andrea!I’ve been asked to pass your name to another group in our offices; they heard about the presentation you did for our group. We’re still talking about you and the techniques you showed us, so I know you were a big hit and would be welcomed back!”
Tammi Martel, Office of the Auditor General of Canada, Ottawa, ON


“Andrea was very organized. The class had very good structure. Her verbal presentation skills were very strong. She was assertive and that allowed class to be on track, time conscious, educated.”
Course participant, Edmonton, AB


“Good morning Andrea,

Just a quick email to let you know that your presentation on Friday was very well received! I’ve received numerous comments, all positive. Some of these comments are:

- You had a great pace during the presentation.
- Interactive, which was very appreciated.
- Great speaker, you’re a natural!
- Great presentation – not too much detail, but enough.
- The exercises caught many people’s attention – very helpful!
- Everyone seems to have learned at least one thing from your presentation that they feel they can take with them.
- Thoughtful regarding injuries.

So a big thank you for coming out to visit us – we very much appreciate it!”

Tammi Martel, Audit Team Assistant, Office of the Auditor General of Canada, Ottawa, ON


“Great communication skills. I like how you word things. Loved the extra info and thanks in advance for the email. Overall a really great day of instruction.”
Course participant, Burlington, ON


“Andrea was wonderful! She has a friendly personality and makes everyone feel welcome! Her energy is awesome! She is patient and kind.”
Course participant, Edmonton, AB


This is the second time I’ve taken training with Andrea and she’s fantastic. “
Course participant, Burlington, ON