Benefit from the personalized one-on-one attention of a yoga personal trainer with private yoga classes, in the comfort of your own home.

What are your personal goals from yoga

  • Gain flexibility?
  • Find relaxation, and reduce stress?
  • Relieve tight hips, shoulder pain, or lower back aches?
  • Earn strength and build lean muscle?
  • As part of your weight loss program?
  • Improve focus and will power?


Your unique sequence of yoga poses (specific positions or exercises) will be designed to bring you closer to your goals with each and every time your practice, while ensuring a whole body balance.

What does a typical session involve?

All yoga postures originate from the spine.

You’ll begin by bringing focus to your breathe work, warming up the spine 6 ways, and preparing the mind and body. Once warmed up, your yoga personal trainer will teach and guide you through a series of postures, in a specific order that moves naturally from one to the next, to best enable your body and mind to benefit.

A yoga practice is only as beneficial as your preparation and mindfulness.

Programs may include postures standing, sitting and laying down. Your teacher may help you to use yoga props like blocks and straps to enable deeper benefit from the poses. Your personal sequence of stretches will be designed for each or some to be held or designed as a flow, depending on the best fit for you (your experience, preference, and goals), and finishing with a final relaxation.


Sessions are available to meet a variety of time limitations and budgets, from 35 to 70 minutes, ranging in price depending on your package.
Packages and rates can be found under Personal Training.

Ask how you can receive complimentary sessions and get cash back for committing to your goals!

  • Starter Sessions
  • Form Fix, with Adjustments and Props
  • Commitment Packages
  • Anytime Packages
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